About us

Paper Tiger Roasters - The Story

Our passion at Paper Tiger Coffee is for coffee, and the rich story that surrounds it. It is a narrative that is as intimate as the first cup in the morning and so far-reaching that it touches many lives around the globe. It is a story that we are humbly and passionately dedicated to sharing. Care and dedication at every phase of the coffee's journey from seed to cup produces superior results. Our commitment in all of our practices is to honor the work that goes into producing superior coffee, so that we can confidently offer the best, and bless those who are involved both before and after these coffees are in our hands. Simply stated, we exist to share the beauty of the coffee we select, roast, and serve.

We are also committed to being not only a part of, but to building a strong community. To that end, we spend time training and working with students from the WA. School for the Deaf and the WA State School for the Blind.We teach each student according to their skill set and strengths. Some are taught to roast coffee, others to make espresso and coffee. Members of our staff use American Sign Language and can help those who come in. Paper Tiger has been recognized at the City, County and State levels for our work in inclusion, which we are very proud of. Our greatest pride though, comes once we have been working with a student, and they begin to take pride in themselves for the work they are doing and all they are learning. The self-confidence that comes with learning and growth. those are the moments we look forward to each year most of all.